Sample Record for Mortgage Transactions

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Input Date 06/24/07 Date of Record 06/02/2004
Document Number 0709101004 Parcel Number 30W 625
FirstName #1 Fairway LastName #1
FirstName #2 Naperville LastName #2 IL
Street Number #1 60563 Street Name #1 000100010
Apartment Unit #1 Barton City #1 James
State #1 Barton Zip Code #1 Linda
Telephone 116375 Do Not Call 30
DNC Date 5.6 Mortgage Amount Conv
Term of Mortgage Washington Mutual Interest Rate 23
Mortgage Type 2 BankName 06/04/2004
CityBlock 00010001 CityLot 06/15/2004
MortgageDate Conv LenderNameCode
MortgageDueDate FNMA MortgageType NA
RateType Section Zip Web Township
SubDivision Range Section Meridian
Township Telephone Range John
Meridian Barton Beneficiary First Name 1407 Auston Ave
Beneficiary Last Name Naperville Beneficiary Address IL
Beneficiary City 60563 Beneficiary State 132127
Beneficiary Zip Code House Purchase Price 124-555-1958
Property Type Other Beneficiary Phone 00010001
Race LTV Byr ID Code 12375
LTV 1321 Down Payment Y
Percent Down 08//05/2004 Census_Tract Census_Tract
Census_Block Census_Block X 43.5
Y 42.6 Most Current Rec Most Current Rec
Non Conf Lend Non Conf Lend 80/20
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