Sample Record for Foreclosures

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Input Date 06/24/07 Case Number No
Document Number 04/24/2004 Pin Number
Type of Sale Recording Date Forecloser 99CH0697
County Newly Filed Foreclosure Property Type NorthWind Ltd.
Company Name 630-555-2344 Real Estate Auction Dupage
Place of Sale Single Family Residence Company Phone Number Capstead, Incorporated
Date of Sale Zorrilla, Stocks, and Wiseman Assoc. Time of Sale
Plantiff Plantiff Law Firm
Plantiff Law Firm Address Plantiff Law Firm City
Plantiff Law Firm State James Plantiff Law Firm Zip Code Phillips
Plantiff Law Firm Phone Number 620 Radnor Drive Bankruptcy Roselle
Defendant First Name IL Defendant Last Name 60172
Defendant First Name #2 630-555-4256 Defendant Last Name #2 08/25/2004
Defendant Address 500040 Defendant City 02-09-121-029
Defendant State Defendant Zip Code
Defendant Phone Number Do Not Call
DNC Date 55000 Lienholder 1 04/24/2004
Lienholder 2 Conventional Lienholder 3 30
Lienholder 4 6.7 Complaint/Judgement Amount R94-113097
Original Mortgage Amount 10.62 Original Mortgage Date 0196
Type of Mortgage Term of Mortgage
Interest Rate Perdiem Rate N
Date of Calculation Notes
Sold Amount Sold To
Sale Results Census_Tract
Original Sale Date Race
Census Age Census Avg Income
Zip Web X
Y Open Bid
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